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Pellet Smoker Vs Wood Smoker – Read This Before Hiring

If you are planning an outdoor party, you will definitely want to arrange some BBQ treat for your friends. However, you may worry about what cooker is better for doing this fun activity effortlessly.So, today we thought to discuss the topic, ‘Pellet smoker vs wood smoker’, to help you. Let’s find out the difference between these two cookers.

So, what exactly is a pellet smoker and wood smoker? How do people choose between the two? What are the pros and cons of them? You will find out all the answers for these questions from this article.

Indeed, one of the most popular debates among smoking enthusiasts is the pellet smoker vs wood smoker. Suppose you are a person who likes old taste and passion. In that case, if you like the smoky taste and vibe, you will undoubtedly be a person who likes a wood smoker. But suppose you don’t like the smoky taste and are concerned about temperature and delicious taste. Then, pellet smoker will save your day!

Do not worry; you will get a clear idea at the end of this article regarding these two cookers since we bring you a thorough comparison and contrast.

First, let’s get an idea about each one separately.

What is Pellet Smoker?

In normal operation, it generates heat by burning wood pellets. Electricity is also used for that. Instead of burning hot coals here, it gets rid of the annoying nature of coal but manages to take on the traditional smoky flavour.

This is the most convenient multipurpose device for roasting meat, a pizza crust, or even a piece of cake.

  • Pros And Cons of Using a Pellet Smoker

If we talk about the advantages first, we can notice these points. First thing is you shouldn’t have to spend time at the smoker constantly adding wood or babysitting it. Smoke condition is very low. And very easy to use. Even if it is the first smoker you use, it can be used safely and easily. It is very easy to use and maintain. It also maintains a consistent temperature and cooks delicious meat with a nice finish and less smoke. And not only meat but also fish, vegetables, and even a pork rib can be easily grilled here.

If we talk about the disadvantages, the main disadvantage is that it requires electricity to operate. Compared to a wood smoker, you will have to purchase pellets regularly and maintain them at a higher cost.

What is Wood Smoker?

Here wooden blocks are used. You should find a way to burn wood by yourself. This is the Behwin equivalent of a charcoal smoker. Although the overall efficiency is low, adding wood chips or charcoal briquettes gives the wood efficiency and smoke quality. But mainly for delicious meat with traditional smoke flavour, the wood smoker is perfect.

  • Pros and Cons of Using a Wood Smoker

The main advantage we see is that the maintenance cost is very low. Another one is that the duel is not needed to run this cooker. Any type of wood that is readily available in your area can be used with this. Feel free to even use pellet fuel if you want. And wood smokers’ durability is very high because it has a simple mechanism.

However, there are a few disadvantages, too. It is difficult to control a wood smoker. Especially Heat is not easy to control. Because of that difficulty in control, a pellet smoker has a distinct difference in flavour. What’s more, cleaning a wood smoker is extremely difficult. As it produces a lot of smoke, it has to be used in a place with good ventilation, and the time it takes to cook the food is relatively long.

Pellet Smoker Vs Wood Smoker

We will compare and contrast these two cookers now. If you look at the prices, there is a significant difference here. Wood smokers are cheaper, and pellet smokers are more expensive. You can also easily control a pellet smoker and even the temperature. And we have the option to turn it off when we no longer need its service. But wood smokers burn slowly, turn the meat into a smoky flavour, and take longer to cook, while pellet smokers are more efficient.

Talking about the power source, a pellet smoker runs on pellet fuel with electric ignition, and a wood smoker produces heat using wood. And as mentioned earlier, although wood smokers are cheaper, coal and log bags are more expensive.

But in all this, there is one thing that we should remember. This will also help decide the pellet smoker vs wood smoker battle. A wood smoker doesn’t require sources like electricity, so even if your party is in the woods, you won’t be hindered from enjoying it. On the other hand, if you are a serious meat connoisseur in the traditional manner, there is no better choice than a wood smoker.

The Final Decision: Which Will Win?

Who will win? Yes, this could be a discussion! Anyways, fans of both of these will never admit that their smokers is not good. The reason why, each one has a unique quality. And as mentioned earlier, wood smokers are versatile. You can use anything as fuel. Examples include wood blocks, charcoal and even pellets. But in terms of comfort, the pellet smoker is ahead.

On the other hand, like any product, there are relative pros and cons. For example, it is easy to grill meat with less hassle with a pellet smoker, and wood smokers should be used to get the traditional grilled meat taste. A Pellet smoker is the best for you if you are looking for convenience. Also, there is no other device as convenient as the wood smoker for outside. I will suggest something very important. 

Ultimately, find the one that suits your needs. Both the varieties here are very different and delicious. So this article will help you identify your needs. So, we wish you the best of luck in getting the perfect smoker for your next BBQ party.

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