How To Get Rid Of Mulch Fungus

How To Get Rid Of Mulch Fungus In Your Garden Before It Spreads

Mulch is a layer you can use for your garden to improve soil moisture and fertility. Mulch will help the activity of worms, so you can use this under the plant and reduce weed formation. In contrast, when you use mulch in your garden, you might witness fungus forming after a certain time. In this article, you will learn how to get rid of mulch fungus.

You can use mulch as manure, which will increase the soil’s productivity. Apart from the benefit of using mulch, there are some disadvantages. One of the main cons is because of the moisture present in this type of soil, you will witness the growth of fungus, and many people call this mulch fungus.

As many gardeners, you might also use mulch to improve the soil, but you must also be aware that this soil may lead to fungus formation, which will be harmful. If you witness any mulch fungus growing, you must take the necessary steps to remove it. By reading this article, you can get some ideas on how to get rid of mulch fungus.

Similar to the maintenance of your home, you must also take due care of your garden and the plants. While pouring water, putting fertilizer, removing the weeds and maintaining the garden, you must also check whether there is any fungal growth in the mulch you are using. Usually, many people witness mulch fungus, and they like to know how to get rid of it so that it will be easy to remove the fungus without damaging the plants.

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What Is Mulch Fungus

Before learning how to get rid of mulch fungus, let’s understand in detail about mulch fungus. If you use mulch for your garden soil, the bacteria promotes mulch fungus growth, and the wood mulch may decay and promote fungus development. Although mulch is an excellent asset to your garden, the fungus growth may affect your health and even the plants.

Many gardeners use mulch to cover the garden as it will improve the soil and help avoid the growth of grass and weeds. The moisture present in the mulch and the dark warm environment will support the development of mulch.

There are different types of mulch fungus that you may come across. Some fungi are mushrooms, bird’s nest, slime mold and artillery. The mulch fungus will not be highly harmful, but there is a slightly harmful effect, so it is better to get rid of this fungus.

However, this fungus will not significantly be hazardous to your health. Sometimes, when the kid or the pet in your place may try to consume it, which might be harmful. Similar to any fungus inhaling mulch fungus can also be dangerous. So, you need to know how to get rid of mulch fungus and how you can prevent the growth of this fungus.

How To Get Rid Of Mulch Fungus

Although mulch fungus isn’t that harmful, it is better to take the necessary precaution when removing them. If you have sensitive skin, wearing a glove will be best and also make sure to wear a mask. By using a shovel, you can scoop the fungus from the soil.

It is best to dispose of the fungus far from the plant as the spore can travel through the air. Now using a rake, you can remove the top layer as this will prevent the recurring of mulch fungus.

If there is heavy fungal growth, removing the mulch layer is better. There will be spore present in the mulch, which will help the growth of fungus again. If you prefer adding a new mulch layer, you can do it but make sure that you don’t spread a thick layer of mulch as this will contain moisture that will promote the growth of mulch fungus again.

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What Are The Alternative Ways To Remove Mulch Fungus

If you are searching for alternative ways to remove mulch fungus other than the method mentioned above, then there are a few different ways to help you.

  • Balancing The pH

If the mulch or the soil is more acidic, you may experience fungus growth, so by increasing the pH value, you can reduce the soil’s acidity. Hence, by using lime water, you can reduce the soil’s acidity, which will help to get rid of the mulch fungus. When applying liquid lime, you must be careful about your plants, so keep them away from your plants.

  • Heat

After soaking the mulch in the water, spread it in the direct sunlight for a couple of weeks. This process will help to kill the fungus that is present. Darkness and warmth will promote fungal growth, but when you place it in direct sunlight, the heat will help to kill the fungus. You can also use this method to remove mulch fungus.

  • Using Fungicides To Get Rid Of Mulch Fungus

In the market, you might have the all-purpose fungicide, which will also help eliminate the mulch fungus in your home. When using the fungicide, ensure you follow the direction to use it safely.

The fungicides present in the market are hazardous to the health and the plants, so it is best to use homemade fungicides for this purpose. Mixing two tablespoons of baking soda with one gallon of water can form a fungicide solution. Spraying this on the affected areas will remove mulch fungus.

How To Prevent Formation Of Mulch Fungus

Now you might know how to get rid of mulch fungus. It is also necessary to understand how to prevent the growth of mulch fungus. Try using soft wood mulch instead of hardwood mulch; also, you must turn the mulch regularly.

Make sure that the mulch is not too wet or too dry, as both these conditions can promote the growth of mulch. Hence during the rainy season, avoid watering the plants, and when it is sunny, you might have to water them frequently with a sufficient amount. By using these hacks, you will be able to prevent the growth of mulch fungus.

We hope this article on how to get rid of mulch fungus helped you understand how you remove mulch fungus and how to prevent the growth of this fungus.

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