how to clean aroma rice cooker

How to Clean Aroma Rice Cooker – The Correct Way

Cleaning is different in various household equipment. If you use a rice cooker from Aroma, you might have a doubt related to the cleaning. How to clean Aroma rice cooker? This magical cooker, a proud product of Aroma Housewares Company, does not need extra effort in cleaning. Let’s discuss the best way you can clean a rice cooker from this reputable US brand without harming its parts and functioning. 

Is Aroma Rice Cooker Dishwasher Safe?

A dishwasher is the greatest invention that has made lengthy cleaning sessions finish early. But there are certain things like porcelain pots, thin plastic utensils, and metallic pots and pans. As a whole thing, a rice cooker cannot go inside a dishwasher. This is because of the electrical components and circuits in the bottom of the cooker. But you can safely wash the cooking pot by using a dishwasher. There is no limitation for this as the rice cookers of Aroma with the non-stick interior are also safe to be washed from a dishwasher. 

You can take out the pot of the rice cooker and place it inside the dishwasher with the other items. If you unknowingly put the whole thing inside the dishwasher, there are fewer chances of remaining undamaged. To check the situation, you can use a slightly wet paper towel around the bottom of the rice cooker if you notice a black color thing; sorry! You have to replace it!

What are the Cleaning Agents that You Can Use to Clean Aroma Rice Cooker?

Cleaning is all about washing powders, liquids, and bleaching. Apart from that, there are natural substances like lime, baking soda, and hot water used efficiently in the cleaning rounds of every kitchen. But can all these agents move well with an Aroma rice cooker?

You are allowed to use dishwashing liquid or any soapy mixture with warm water in Aroma rice cookers. Besides, baking soda can be used for stains that do not wipe out easily. But any bleach or harsh chemical cleaning agents are prohibited in cleaning a rice cooker. 

How to Clean Aroma Rice Cooker?

First, we will go with a normal instance. Here you can separate the container that you used for cooking. But make sure that the pot has completely cooled down. Otherwise, you will hurt with a burn. Now, you can add a mixture of soap and water and start the rubbing. And it is recommended to use a soft sponge for this rubbing. Never use an abrasive pad for this purpose, as it may damage the interior coatings and structure of your cooking partner.

You can wash the pot with a mild dishwasher too. For more adequate results, include warm water. If you use hot water, keep until it cools enough to handle without burning yourself. After the first with soap, you should rewash it with clean water. Repeat it until you notice that the soapy odor has gone. If you wash it halfway, the next food you cook may taste soapy. 

If the stains are hard to remove or the food has adhered to the interior walls or the bottom, you can fill the hot water in the container and keep it aside overnight. Try cleaning it the following day, and you will find it easier to clean. Never use harsh brushes and metallic rubbing tools to remove stubborn stains. 

The company’s official website has denoted that the lid must also be cleaned after every cooking round. You could see a silicon part at the center. Press it and gently pull the lid upwards. It will pop the lid from the cooker, and you can see that it is out. You can use the same dishwashing liquid mixture here too. But as we mentioned earlier, do not use highly corrosive material or a tool for rubbing, as it may ruin the lid.

Things to Consider When Cleaning a Rice Cooker 

  • The lid and the cooking pot of your rice cooker must be dried completely before using it again with electricity. When you are in a rush, clean and dry cloth will save your time wiping out all the water instantly. 
  • You cannot put the part with the hotplate or the coil in the dishwasher. If you accidentally pour or spill water on the hotplate part, immediately switch off the rice cooker and take the plug out of the outlet. Place the hotpot part upside down on a kitchen towel or any paper. Let it be like that for a while until all the water comes out. Now take a clean and dry cloth and wipe the interior parts well and make it dry. 
  • If your rice cooker presents a hard smell or difficult-to-remove stains, you can get the help of baking soda and vinegar. Here you will need 1 and 2/3rd of baking soda to be mixed with ½ of the dishwashing liquid or a soap mixture. Then you can add ½ water to 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and mix the two solutions together. Or else the mixture of warm water, equal amounts of baking soda, and vinegar would also give the best results. Rest the mixture overnight and clean it the next morning.
  • If you need to clean the hotplate part, disconnect the power supply and insert a slightly wet cloth and wipe it. Once you are done, insert clean, dry cloths and wipe the moisture several times until it comes out dry. 


Aroma rice cookers have been able to maintain a continuous demand in the market. We have described the way of cleaning your Aroma rice cooker in every aspect. The dishwasher also can be used to clean parts like the lid and the cooking container. But we suggest you check the user manual before getting the help of the dishwasher. 

Cleaning a rice cooker is an easy task. Even the hard stains will be removed without much force if you follow the guide we have given in this article. 

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