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Porcelain vs Ceramic Sink – Which One Is Better?

When creating our dream house, we all pay a lot more attention to the shower areas. Porcelain vs ceramic sink is an area we should have a sound knowledge about when we choose items for our bathrooms or the kitchen. We are going to investigate the fact in this article. 

Porcelain is made mainly from white clay and petuntse and has semi-transparent quality as per the finely grained ceramic components. It contains feldspar, silica, quartz, and mica, for instance. Porcelain has a high density, and therefore the mechanical resistance is higher. Hard-paste, soft-paste, and bon China are the three kinds of porcelain you find in the market. As porcelain is made of quality clay, the durability is also higher in these. Porcelain is widely used in pottery. As per durability, porcelain is also utilized in manufacturing various household items like sinks, countertops, dishes, cups, etc. 

Porcelain vs Ceramic Sink

All the inorganic and non-metallic components made by firing are called ceramics. Porcelain is one kind of ceramic. The other two types are earthenware and stoneware. Ceramics are used in vases, wine glasses, cooking pots and storage containers, etc. You already know one type. It is porcelain. 

Porcelain vs ceramic sink is a fact that most renovations or buildings may come across when choosing bath ware. There are many aspects that we can use for the comparison. Scroll down, and you will find many that would help you to make the final decision.

Durability of Porcelain vs Ceramic Sink  

Porcelain lasts longer than ceramic sinks. Think of a moment when you accidentally drop something hard on the sink; porcelain will resist that force. But higher mechanical force cannot be resisted by the ceramic sink. In that aspect, a porcelain sink is the best for lifelong usage. 

The secret behind the strength of porcelain is the consistence of steel. The porcelain enamel coating is a way that makes steel, iron, or aluminum covered with a coat of porcelain. This technique is invented to produce items that are chemically stable without being subject to any kind of corrosion. There are records where metal-based porcelain sinks have lasted in good condition even after 100 years. 

Cost Comparison

You could find a porcelain sink for $100-$300 most of the time. The price range of ceramic lies between $50-$700. Therefore, a high-quality ceramic sink is more expensive than a superior-quality porcelain sink. 

How to Maintain Porcelain Sink vs Ceramic Sink?

You may have experienced porcelain sinks with soap scum, fungus, and dirt, for instance. Porcelain sinks indeed tend to become dirty as this so often. But there is nothing to be worried about that as the cleaning is so simple and effortless. You can use a soft brush with hand soap liquid and scrub your porcelain sink with less force. It would be better if you could do this on a daily basis. 

Ceramic sinks become compatible in this aspect as dirty surfaces are not often found due to the flawless surface. But still, you will need to clean the sink regularly as it may sometimes contain soap scum and stains. Cleaning a ceramic sink is also as simple as the way we discussed above with porcelain sinks. There are special cleaning agents for ceramic. Read the instructions you get along with the sink for better cleaning and for a long-lasting sink. Ammonia, caustic soda, or bleach are also not allowed as cleaning agents for both of these sinks.  

In both cleanings, you should avoid harsh chemical-based liquids like floor cleaners, tile cleaners, and vinegar. You can use liquid soap and easily remove the dirt and debris in both cases. You should also avoid using corrosive cleaning pads and stone-made and metallic rubbing items in both types of sinks. The reason is that both sinks are prone to scratches and chipping if you use such. However, it should be clear to you now that porcelain is less prone to scratches. Ceramics presents a higher possibility of being subjected to scratches than porcelain. 

When it comes to repairs, porcelain sink repairs become slightly more costly than ceramic sink repairs. Porcelain sink cracks can be repaired for a price between $50-$100. The cost of repairing a ceramic sink will cost you somewhere between $100-$200. Anyway, if the chipping just took place, you could try fixing it using epoxy glue. This is because epoxy resins have a waterproof quality. 

Water Absorption

Sinks often deal with water. But did you know that ceramic tends to absorb some amount of water from the surface? There is a glaze to prevent this phenomenon. But still, every ceramic sink presents a low percentage of water absorption. This directly affects the durability of your sink. 

Porcelain sinks present a high resistance to water, and there is no such water intake that happens to the interior of the material. 

Available Range of Varieties

Porcelain is usually white in color, but there are many shapes that will add more modernized elegance to your bath area or kitchen. If you want porcelain sinks in any other color, the search will be a little difficult, and the custom-made orders will be expensive. 

This barrier is not with the ceramic sinks. You can find a ceramic sink in any color, and there are mind-blowing designs and patterns that can rock the air of your house. 

Are Porcelain Sinks Outdated?

Porcelain has never stayed out of the limelight, even though the color ranges are limited. We have discussed the reasons for being a top pick in the above paragraphs. Please refer to the facts and confirm the suitability of porcelain sinks for your new shower area, dining, or kitchen. 

What Type of Sink Does Not Stain or Scratch?

Even stainless steel sinks need to be washed regularly. Therefore, whether you use any kind of sink, you need to clean it regularly to avoid stains. Every sink tends to scratch if you use abrasive pads and materials to clean it. 

We have discussed the right cleaning tips in this article. Scroll up and find those!


This article is a compassion of porcelain vs ceramic sinks. We have discussed many aspects here. We hope you can choose the best item for your desire by following this guide. 

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