what to do with granite scraps

What to Do With Granite Scraps? [Some Ways To Get Use]

 damOnce you order new granite countertops as a completion of a renovation or remodeling job, you’re bound to have some spare portions. There is just no place in the assembly for such parts, which frequently take the form of extra portions from the provider. So, what to do with granite scraps? Let us find out.

What Exactly is Granite?

Granite is the most frequent invasive material in the Planet’s rock layers. It is best known as an attractive marble with variegated rose, white, dark blue, and black tones.

It has a moderate to rough texture. Feldspar characterizes such materials; quartz typically makes up over 10 percent of them. Because alkali mineral grains are frequently rose, colored granite is frequently used as ornamental marble.

Kilometers underground in the Earth’s mantle, silica-rich lava flows solidify to become granite. The hot fluids released by granite masses that are crystallizing lead to the formation of several mineral deposits nearby.

What is Granite Used For?

Granite is a naturally existing material with several applications. Granite is used extensively in houses, workplaces, and ancient landmarks because of its variety.

For hundreds of years, granite was used as a structural material, building supplies, ornamental stone, and ornamental stone. Additionally, the stone was already employed in the pavement, civil infrastructure, and several external applications. Granite is a perfect choice for a variety of home applications since it is a classy and prominent substance. Also, Granite has a variety of applications, such as:

  • Granite Slabs

Granite layers are utilized in paneling and floors to give a luxurious and exquisite appearance.

  • Kitchen Worktops

One of the most common applications of granite is as a surface material. When granite is utilized as a tabletop element, the shade, texture, style, and permutation options are virtually limitless. Since granite can be specially made to any dimension and shape and is offered in a wide variety of aesthetically attractive hues and styles that go with any home décor, countertops are becoming increasingly needed.

  • Backsplash

Granite is a crucial component of a gorgeous kitchen workspace. Granite may improve the kitchen design in contrast to serving as worktops if it is utilized as a backsplash.

  • Paving Slabs

The Granite “pavers” or pavement slabs offer a unique and eye-catching substitute for flooring for paving roadways or gardens. The sidewalk or entrance is altered to produce a spectacular appearance and sensation when the inherent elegance of stone is paired with superb workmanship. In the earlier, roadways in towns also were paved with granite blocks.

  • Architecture Installations

Granite is a support structure utilized as an ornamental face or overlay to create a beautiful and appealing look. Granite is also used in road bordering, providing increased curb attractiveness and rendering the sides more robust than cement. Shattered granite is utilized as a raw product in roads and buildings. Additionally, granite is used as a supporting structure in septic tank dumps, basements, and building floors. When used in gardening and garden barriers, crumbled granite looks stunning.

  • Tombstone

Granite is frequently utilized as a tomb headstone in the United States and numerous other nations. The substance was chosen due to its durability and attractiveness.

What To Do with Granite Scraps?

With granite applications, a trendy and appealing aesthetic may be added to your opulent home. Granite scraps seem to be something you’ll like to keep around because of their distinctive colors and lovely patterns. 

Several individuals try to market stones to reclamation businesses or stone fabricators. Some people keep them on in case they need to make repairs afterward or during the setup. There are numerous alternative applications for those remnants, some of which you may complete entirely if you feel inventive. This is why we’ve compiled our leading techniques to upcycle those excess remaining chunks.

  • Elegant Tray

 Ideal for giving your sitting area a refined feel. Attach grips and cap, including an intriguing coffee table volume, for a playful and sophisticated look to create this gorgeous tray.

  • Mosaic Passageway

The backyard will take on the fanciful quality of a “hidden paradise” by constructing a vivid feature trail around it. Gather leftovers of all shapes and hues to create a more dynamic design.

  • Booz Crystals

In our opinion, booze crystals are among the most inventive uses for granite scraps that are simply too little to be turned into coasters. Wipe up the scraps, then put stone pieces that are a little ok to sit in the whiskey glass in the fridge. The next moment you’re prepared for a shot, add the “blocks” to your glass to cool the scotch without running the danger of diluting it if you take a slow swallow.

  • Residence Number Indication

Simply choose an appropriate marble slab, cut it as needed, and afterward add your home number using engraving or spray. You’ll have a home sign marker that will endure the passage of history – assured! – and it’s very simple to make!

  • Restroom Racking

 Countertops may quickly seem unkempt and untidy. Build an aesthetically compelling rack using a piece of granite leftover, and clear the unit of any extra items to give it a sleek, fashionable appearance.

  • Shower Tray

 If you have to leave items in the master bathroom, make them confined and stylish by utilizing a piece of marble as an ornamental dish.

  • Boards for Slicing and Grating Mozzarella

Granite leftovers create special, long-lasting chopping boards and may be used as a presentation block for crackers and cheese due to granite’s reputation for being elegant and timeless.

  • Washing Cabinet

The washing area doesn’t have to be dim and gloomy. By installing a granite leftover railing, you may arrange your washing powder while also placing little elegance into the room.

  • Bed Side Table

A marble leftover table lamp is undoubtedly a conversation starter and will make your friends and loved ones envious when they visit your property.

  • Garden Furniture

Granite chairs provide a sturdy and beautiful spot to relax and enjoy the scenery, making them ideal for patios and areas around grills.


There is a heck of a lot of uses for excess stone, as you can see! These are simply some of the fantastic incentive ways to reuse leftover granite. There are presumably more items on the lineup. You may rebuild the exquisite marble blocks you possess lying about your home in a variety of creative methods; all it needs is a splash of creativity and imagination to breathe new life into your home’s framework.

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