How Much Does Granite Weigh

How Much Does Granite Weigh? – All you Need To Know

When constructing a house, people use granite stone to cover the walls as this gives a luxurious look. You may also use granite on the countertop of your kitchen. In this article, you will learn how much does granite weigh.

The granite wall will also help to resist moisture, so this prevents forming of molds. Granite is a type of hard igneous rock that is coarse-grained, and from ancient times, even now, people have used this rock for construction. This rock will mainly contain orthoclase, quartz, microcline, and mica.

Below the earth’s surface, the present magma slowly crystallizes into granite rocks. You may notice that this rock is a light color, and the grains on the surface will be visible. You might know that granite is naturally obtained from nature, so you cannot expect all stones to look precisely the same. There will be differences in the color, pattern, and veining of the stone.

If you are wondering how much does granite weigh, then you are in the right place as this article will help you get the relevant information on it.

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Since this stone has different colors, the cost of a stone may differ according to the color. Besides the industrial uses of granite, people also purchase it when designing their houses. In the article, you will find why granite is used at home.

Suppose you don’t have a clear understanding of how much does granite weigh, then continue reading as this article will significantly focus on providing the weight of granite. When you count the uses of the stone, you get a huge list.

At home, you can use granite as flooring tiles, paving stones, countertops, blocks for walling, etc. However, the granite rock that you use for all these purposes may have a difference in texture, quality, and look depending on the purpose you are using.

How Much Does Granite Weigh

Especially when people are planning to construct their kitchen countertops using granite, they usually ask about the weight. You may also like to know the weight of the granite block used for a purpose when designing the home. Hence through this article, you will be able to discover the weight of granite.

Before going into the weight, you must know that the granite obtained naturally will not have a definite shape since it is a rock. The granite block undergoes several processes when manufacturing.

Suppose you look at the granite block you can use for walling. They will look in the shape of a cuboid, which means the industries will cut the rock to obtain the shape with the required measurements.

Also, the granite must look appealing for interior design, so industries give a gloss finish. Now let’s see the weight of different types of granite that you will use for house constructions.

  • Counter Top

Primarily for kitchen countertops, people prefer using granite. The standard thickness of the granite countertop will be 2 or 3cm. In case you are using the 3cm thickness countertop, then the weight of it will be around 18 pounds per square foot.

Suppose you are using the one with 2cm thickness, then the weight will be lesser. It might be around 13 pounds per square foot. You may also see some bathroom countertops which has granite. Since these countertops are heavier, you don’t have to worry about placing things on top as they may hold up to 1000 pounds.

  • Floor Tiles

Some people also like to use granite for flooring their houses. Suppose you are also planning to do so, then it is better to reach out to a professional and confirm whether your floor is capable of holding the weight of the granite tile since this will not be suitable for some floors.

A granite tile with a thickness of 0.75 inches will weigh about 12.8 pounds per square foot. In comparison, the granite tiles with 1.25 inches thickness will weigh around 18 pounds per square foot.

This flooring will be expensive but requires low maintenance, is hypoallergenic, and will be highly durable.

  • Pavers

If you plan to use a granite paver for your house, then the weight will differ according to the dimension of the paver tile you choose.

Granite paver with one-inch thickness will weigh around 14.5 pounds. If the thickness is one and quarter inches, the weight will be around 18 pounds. Suppose the paver’s thickness is 4 inches, then the weight is approximately 58 pounds.

Suppose you use the granite blocks for your home wall, slab, and other places. Then the weight will depend on the size that you are choosing.

Types Of Granite

Different types of granite may differ according to color, origin, and the types of minerals present in them. Some of the types of granite stone are given below.

  • Dorato Valmalenco Granite
  • Sardinian White Granite
  • Rosa Beta Granite
  • Giallo Veneziano Granite
  • Pietra Del Carnaso
  • Cristal White Granite
  • Bengal Black Granite
  • Emerald Pearl Granite
  • Ivory Brown Granite
  • Tan Brown Granite
  • Amazonite

Apart from the ones mentioned here, more granite types are available.

Advantages Of Using Granite In Home Constructions

Using granite will be a good option if you need to obtain a luminous look.

Indeed, there is a value for granite; hence using this stone will increase the value of your home.

Whether you use it on the floor, wall, countertop, paver, or any other place, they will give the house a nice look.

Since granite is hypoallergenic, you do not have to worry much about bacterial contamination; hence this will be a good option for flooring your house.

A mild detergent and warm water can easily clean the granite surface; therefore, granite maintenance is also very convenient. 

Disadvantages Of Using Granite In Home Constructions

Although there are many advantages to using granite for construction, you may have some disadvantages.

The first con is that this product is expensive, so it will not be affordable to everyone.

Apart from the cost of purchasing the granite, you will also have to spend a lot on the labor cost during installation.

Once you install it, the removal process will be extremely hard.

Sometimes there will not be a perfect dimension; hence, obtaining a uniform look will not be possible.

There is no specific quality for granite since that is a naturally obtained material. In common, all the types of granite are heavy, but if you search for the exact difference in the quality, it won’t be easy.

We hope this article on how much does granite weigh was helpful.

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