What Attracts Centipedes

What Attracts Centipedes – How To Keep Centipedes At Bay

Centipedes are myriapodas that are quite different from insects, and you will notice different species of centipedes in many shapes and sizes. Some people believe in the superstition that a centipede signifies wealth and good luck when entering the house. In contrast, you will also notice some people believing that these creatures bring bad luck. In this article, you will learn what attracts centipedes to households and how you can prevent them from coming into the house.

If you are searching whether the centipedes are venomous to humans, then the truth is there is mild venom in this creature that help to kill insects, but it will not be harmful to humans. Hence the chemicals present in centipedes will not cause any serious threat to humans.

Suppose you saw a centipede in your house and wondered what attracts centipedes, then you are in the right place, as this article will help you to identify the reasons.

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The name centipede refers to a hundred-legged, but you will not see centipedes with exactly 100 legs; instead, there will be species with 30 legs or less, and also, some species have more than 300 legs.

When pests enter the house, it is important to check on the reasons and how you can get rid of them. Some of the centipedes are called house centipedes as they like to get into the house. This increases the curiosity for knowing the reason behind it. If you are also trying to find what attracts centipedes to the houses, then by reading the article, you will be able to get a precise idea.

Although most people call centipedes insects, they don’t belong in that category due to the distinctive characteristics they belong in the classification of myriapodas. Also, many confuse it with millipedes as they have some similarities. In this article, you will learn about centipedes and why they are attracted to houses.

What Attracts Centipedes?

Suppose you have seen centipedes quite often in your house, then you might be trying to figure out if there are any reasons why they enter human dwellings. Many pests enter the house for some reason, so let’s examine why centipedes come into the houses.

  • Food

It is not true if you think the open food left on the countertop or crumbs on the floor can attract centipedes to the house. You might know that centipedes are carnivores, so they will not eat the bread crumbs or other cooked food you left open. Instead, if there are small insects in your house, then this might attract the centipedes.

Spiders, cockroaches, moths, bed bugs, cricket, and worms are some insects that will become the centipede’s prey. Hence the centipede will be an aggressive predator, using its chemical to kill the insect and eat it. If you don’t have any prey for the centipede at your home, they might not come for the food but will get attracted due to other factors.

  • Moisture

When you take the living habitat of centipedes, you might mostly see them living near rotting logs, piles of leaves, under the stone, etc., where there will get enough moisture. Hence, they will get attracted to places where it is sufficiently moist. If you are residing in a hot area with high humidity, then there is a low chance for the centipedes to enter the house as they will not enjoy the environment.

In contrast, if there are leaks in the house or high moisture in your garden, this will surely attract centipedes to your house. Suppose the bathroom faucet is leaking, which may cause dampness where the centipede will feel comfortable staying.

  • Shelter

Not only moisture and food will attract centipedes to the house, but they will also enter the house in search of shelter. Sometimes centipedes might feel life-threatening to live out, so they enter the house if they have a safer and more comfortable shelter. The centipede will mostly love to stay in dark places, so if you have cracks, small holes, piles of wood, or any other places, those will become their shelter.

You might sometimes notice a centipede inside your shoes as this place will be dark and moist; hence you must be careful when wearing the shoes. The warmth in your house will help them to reproduce, so you must get rid of them if you notice any.

  • Opened Garbage

If you leave the garbage bin open, you must notice that mice, flies, and other insects will be entering the place in search of food. Open garbage will not attract the centipede as it is a carnivore, but the flies, bugs and other insects that come near the garbage will become the prey for centipedes; hence they will enter your house.

How To Prevent Centipedes From Coming Into The Household

You might know the main factors attracting the centipede to your house. Here are a few methods to prevent myriapodas from visiting your house.

  • Get Rid Of Prey

If you notice any spiders, cockroaches, bugs, or insects in your house, you must get rid of them. Suppose a centipede enters your home for food; then, when you keep the house clean and free from the prey, the centipede will not visit your place again if there is no food. So, checking on all the possible food sources and getting rid of them will keep the centipede away from your house.

  • Fixing Leaks

Suppose your notice any leaks in the kitchen or bathroom which make the place moist, then you will have to repair them to avoid centipedes entering the place. Also, please do not leave any pile of leaves in the garden; instead, clean and dispose of them properly. Reducing the moisture in your house can prevent centipedes from entering the house.

  • Ventilating The Place And Repairing Cracks

You know that centipedes will love to stay in a dark place, so it is better to ventilate your house. You can draw the curtain so that there is enough source of sunlight. Also, check if there is any crack or hole in the wall. If you notice any, you will have to seal them properly. Sealing the crack will prevent the centipede from entering the house as they will not have a proper shelter or place to reproduce.

  • Proper Disposal Of Garbage

You must dispose of the domestic waste daily and never keep the bin open. This will prevent insects from entering the house; hence you will not see any centipedes.

We hope this article on what attracts centipedes was helpful.

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