how much does it cost to move a hot tub

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Hot Tub? – Full Guide

You may wonder whether it is even worth relocating your little tub when you own a hot tub and are getting ready to shift to a new home. You must be aware of the expenses to transport your hot tub to different sites to choose the best choice for your specific moving situation. The primary element you must consider before deciding what to do with your Hot tub is the cost of moving it. You might choose to sell your personal jacuzzi before you relocate out if the price to transfer a hot tub is simply too costly. So, how much does it cost to move a hot tub? Well, let us find out.

How Difficult is It to Move a Hot Tub?

A hot tub may be quite challenging to move because of its dimensions and mass. Ensure you get enough volunteers to assist you in relocating it as well as the necessary moving equipment. You should also consider any barriers (stairs, tight spaces, etc.) that might make it difficult to move the jacuzzi from your lawn into the semi-trailer and then into your next property. Because of this, you might want to look for a nearby hot tub carrier to assist you with this chore.

How Much Does a Hot Tub Weigh?

Generally speaking, a modest two- to three-person jacuzzi weighs 250 kilograms when it is dry and close to 1500 kilograms when it is full of water.

By brand, type, and capacity, different hot tubs weigh differently. In contrast, a big hot tub (designed for more than six persons) typically weighs roughly 500 kilograms when dry, unlike a tiny jacuzzi (suited for between two and three individuals). Depending on these figures, you may estimate that an unfilled medium-sized sauna weighs about 350 kilograms.

Remember that these are simply approximations and that the weight of your specific jacuzzi may vary somewhat from the standards. However, these figures should provide you with a general notion of how heavy a hot tub weighs. So then, you may decide on the most efficient route for transporting a jacuzzi to your future residence.

What is the Easiest Way to Move a Hot Tub?

You can move your hot tub on your own if you have the knowledge on that subject and have atleast six hands to help you out. Or else hiring a moving company is the easiest way you can proceed to move your hot tub.

Hiring trustworthy persons who can assist you in lifting 200 to 600 kilograms of the load is among the most crucial tasks in discovering how to transfer a jacuzzi. Having at least three assistants is recommended, even if you’re just attempting to determine how to transport a hot tub at short range or move a jacuzzi on the lawn. A third man may lay 4×4 planks or a furniture dolly below the tub as other individuals interact together to raise one end of the bathtub at a period.

The mass and size of a jacuzzi are just too much for one individual to handle; thus, there is a strong likelihood that moving it by yourself might cause harm or destruction to the nearby environment. In order to transfer the jacuzzi securely, you need to call a relocating service if you don’t have a team to assist you.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Hot Tub?

Moving a jacuzzi typically costs between 300-500 USD. Expenses for transporting a hot tub range between 125 to 250 USD on the cheaper side and 800 to 1,250 USD at the upper end. Nevertheless, a variety of variables might affect the price that expert hot tub moving companies will bill you for their operations.


The proximity of the two residences mostly influences the price of transporting a hot tub. According to reasoning, the farther you must travel, the more cost you’ll have to spend on yourself.

If someone wished to relocate a jacuzzi between Locations 1 and 2, granted that both locations are located inside the same area, it’d be the most affordable option. In this scenario, you would spend around 200 to 300 USD for the procedure.

But since you’re leaving the property, what you actually want is for your jacuzzi to be transferred elsewhere—offsite, to some other location inside the same region, or perhaps to a new state entirely.

Take a well-informed choice merely since you do not desire the cost of transporting your jacuzzi to be higher than, nearly comparable to, or near to the value of your private spa

Moving Complexity

Hot tubs are enormous, to start with. They are available in three various proportions such as small, moderate, and huge their measurements. Small tubs are also quite hefty; a normal hot tub averages about 400-500 kilograms (dry). It goes without saying that the weighter and larger your residential pool is, the greater it will price to carry it anywhere you require it to be.

Application of Extra Equipment

As was already noted, you will be billed higher for the additional option if the hot tub packers need to utilize specialist tools like a crane or a forklift to transfer the residential jacuzzi out of its latest location and put it into the vehicle.

You should let the relocation firm know in advance about any particular if you are conscious that the hot tub’s departure path has obstructions so that they can be equipped and informed of the challenges. And for just this reason, staff must visit your house to do a visual assessment of the tub.


Based on where you reside, the cost to transport a jacuzzi will vary greatly. It frequently is related to the expense of transporting workers across the nation.

For instance, the price to relocate a jacuzzi is more likely to be higher in largely urbanized locations (big towns) since the expert packers you employ will face more challenges. Given their perceived isolation, rural areas fairly far from neighbouring cities or towns might significantly raise the ultimate relocation price.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Hot Tub with a Crane?

A crane might need to be used if a jacuzzi can’t squeeze via a doorway, which would be expensive. Craning a jacuzzi over the home is occasionally essential. The typical cost of transferring a jacuzzi under 50 kilometres is between 250 and 500 USD. They might anticipate costing between 400 to 1000 USD; if you’re going on a big route. Hot tub crane rental costs might vary based on various variables Such as weight, distance, loading process, and many more.

How to Find Long Distance Hot Tub Movers Near Me?

Thanks to the modern infrastructure, you can easily find a trusted mover via internet reviews and evaluations. If you are unsure about the mover and want to find out which one works best, you may have to ask your friends and family who own a bathtub since they may have an experience with a good moving company. And be certain to contact the movers and evaluate their terms and costs of the process since they may vary with various factors.

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