how long can coquito stay out of the fridge

How Long Can Coquito Stay Out of the Fridge? [EXPLAINED]

We know it’s only April, but we can’t resist the urge to sip the taste of holiday beverages! We always find a reason to get ready for the cold holiday season, because nothing beats a feast and a variety of drinks to keep us contemplated and happy. If you’re wondering what drinks to serve adults on a cold night, why not try something like Coquito and go beyond the typical over-drunk eggnog? So you know why we introduce the Coquito, which we refer to as the more potent, sassier cousin of eggnog. But, to the utter surprise, Coquito doesn’t have the same taste as eggnog! But we can all feel the sensation of holiday vibes, especially in Puerto Rican culture. For those who haven’t tasted Coquito, you may have doubts, such as ” How Long Can Coquito Stay Out of the Fridge?” if you made many coquitos. You wouldn’t want to waste a single bit of this mouth-watering drink.

What is a Coquito?

Coquito is a delicious festive drink prepared with vanilla, coconut milk, rum, spices, and coconut cream. Coquito means “small coconut,” but don’t scrimp on the coconut while cooking it – it’s where the characteristic flavour originates from the Coquito. You can change some of the ingredient measurements to suit personal preference. Marrero, who is experimenting with proportions and flavours in a terrific approach to establish the original Coquito has this to say. “During the holiday season, this is culturally Puerto Rico’s largest drink.” It signifies the commencement of Christmas.

People serve Coquito to guests, friends, and family members. It is interesting to hear that each family member owns their unique recipe. And this recipe is kept a secret. Coquito is a drink used on occasions of celebrating achievements, love, and life.

Though there are a variety of ingredients to make a coquito, the main ingredients are rum, coconut cream, sweetened condensed milk, and coconut milk. Adding fruit or chocolate can extra enhance the drink. Some people use Cinnamon mainly for this purpose. Coquito tastes exactly in between eggnog, boozy, and horchata.

How Long Will Coquito Stay Fresh in the Refrigerator?

Before knowing the answer to the question: how long can Coquito stay out of the fridge? You should know how long it can stay inside. Because the Coquito has a cream base, the drink must be kept cold. People like Coquito because the recipe does not contain raw eggs and contains rum instead.

Therefore Coquito can remain inside the fridge for 5-6 days. Once you have opened the bottle, serve it chilled. Some people prefer adding a bit of nutmeg or Cinnamon to garnish the drink. The shelf life of a coquito is average from four to eight weeks. So, keeping it inside the fridge in an airtight container is essential.

The Life Span of a Coquito with Eggs

Coquito prepared without eggs can remain in the fridge in good condition for at least two months. But sadly, if you use eggs or don’t include alcohol, it will last for a few days. Refrigerated Coquito with eggs remains fresh for 3 to 4 days. However, if you need to lengthen the life span of your drink, you must use pasteurized eggs. Coquitos prepared using pasteurized eggs can remain fresh inside a fridge for several weeks.

The Life Span of a Coquito Without Eggs

Coquito made without eggs can be kept in a fridge for four to six months. People use rum to extend the shelf life of Coquito. To experience a long lifespan coquito should be stored in a sealed container. Eggless coquito can remain edible inside the fridge packed inside a sealed container for 4-6 months. If you see solidified fat on the top once you take it out of the refrigerator, shake the drink thoroughly before serving. Traditionally Coquito is made by mixing Puerto Rican rum such as Dong. But you can use any rum you prefer.

The Life Span of a Coquito with Alcohol

The most popular creamy Christmas drinks in South Florida, Kremas, Coquito, crème de vie, and Ponche crema, will stay fresh in the fridge for only four days. The USDA spokeswoman says this fact. A coquito with rum will remain in the refrigerator for about two months. I am happy to say that if you don’t mix any eggs, you can preserve the Coquito for up to six months. If you prefer to drink Coquito with eggs, use pasteurized eggs rather than raw ones. This technique helps to increase the shelf life of the Coquito.

How Long Can Coquito Stay Out of the Fridge?

Coquito without eggs can stay fresh in an airtight container inside a fridge for about 4-6 months. After you take the drink out of the refrigerator, if you see solidified fat, keep it aside for some time and shake it before serving. This small fat cap on the Coquito’s top is not abnormal. The process of separation of cream from coconut fat creates a fat cap. A hard shake will help to dissolve this fat layer. Some people add some nutmeg or cinnamon sticks to garnish the drink. Coquito remains on the shelf for about four to eight weeks. So the most important thing is to keep it refrigerated in an airtight container.

How Do you Know If your Coquito is not Suitable for Drinking?

Now you know how long can Coquito stay out of the fridge. But do you know how to check whether your Coquito has gone wrong? It’s simple. If the smell of the drink is like sour smell, it’s not safe for consumption. Luckily if it doesn’t smell like that, you can go ahead and drink your Coquito. You should immediately throw away the Coquito if it smells like sour milk. So to test whether the Coquito has gone wrong, you can take a small sip before drinking the whole portion. Food experts recommend throwing sway the drink if it tastes or smells like sour milk. Eggnog contains raw eggs which carry the Salmonella bacteria inside them. Therefore drinking spoiled eggnog can cause food poisoning. Then you will miss the enjoyable vibes of your holiday.

Things to take away After Reading

Now you know how long Coquito can stay out of the fridge. Try a Coquito if you are yearning to sip a festive drink with rum and creamy stuff. It’s a great drink to serve your guests and yourself. Regardless of which time in the year you can prepare them. Keep in mind to think ahead and find out how long the Coquito can be stored. Using the right ingredients and appropriate storage conditions, your Coquito will last for months inside the refrigerator.  

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