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Cost To Upgrade To 200 Amp Service Electrical Panel

If you start counting the number of electronic devices we use today at home, it will become a huge list. From kitchen appliances like dishwasher, oven, electric kettle, rice cooker, stove hood, fridge, and microwave, to several machines and devices in your house will work on electricity. Hence it is better to upgrade the electrical panel. In this article, you will learn about the cost to upgrade to 200 amp service.

By changing the electrical panel to 200-amp, you can use more devices and appliances that will not work in lower ampere electricity. Today most people are interested in knowing about the 200-amp panel and the cost to upgrade to 200 amp service.

Most people don’t think about the electrical service until they detect any problem or feel it is hard to use a particular device. If you are interested in changing the electrical service in your house to 200 amp, this article will help you know about the cost to upgrade to 200 amp service.

Nowadays, from the remote gate to CCTV cameras, computers, phones, washing machines, fans, hair dryers, etc., most items present at home will require electricity, so upgrading the electrical service will be helpful.

First, before you decide on changing your electrical service, you must consider several factors like the risk and dangers associated with it and the benefits and cost of upgrading to a 200 amp service. Changing the electrical service is not simple to decide and execute sooner, so you must think well before making the decision.

When you Need to Upgrade the Electrical Panel

Often you will not come across people who upgrade their electrical panels from time to time, and they decide to upgrade only if there is a need or any problem. If there are minor problems with certain parts of the electrical service, you can repair them. After prolonged usage due to wear and tear, you may encounter such issues.

Symptoms of an outdated electrical service.

  • Using the electrical panel in your house, if you feel unable to meet all the electrical needs, it is best to upgrade the panel. The current circuit will not be good enough to use a certain electrical appliance, or if the circuits are overloaded, then upgrading the electrical service will help to sort out this problem.
  • If you often encounter wear and tear, then better to upgrade the electrical panel rather than replacing.
  • In case your electrical panel is ancient and still uses fuse, sometimes this will not be safe enough to use the modern appliance and will lack reliability. Therefore, a better option is to upgrade the electrical panel.
  • Check whether the electrical panel in your house contains the main shutoff breaker through which you can disconnect the electricity supply to the entire home. This breaker will be helpful when you got to make any repairs to the electrical circuit or when there is an emergency. If you don’t have such a shutoff breaker, then better to upgrade the electrical panel.
  • Continuous tripping of the circuit breaker might be a sign that your need to diagnose any damages or it might also be a sign that you need to upgrade the panel.
  • When the electrical service in your home is insufficient, you might notice humming or buzzing sounds, heating of appliances, and problems with the light. Hence it would be best if you upgraded the electrical panel to fix the issue.

Cost to Upgrade to 200 Amp Service

Most people planning to upgrade the electric panel often want to know the cost of upgrading the 200 amp service. If you are residing in the USA, it will cost around 3500 to 4500 dollars on average to upgrade to a 200 amp service.

The price may change according to different places sometime, you can upgrade below this range, and in some areas, it may also cost more than 4500 dollars. The average cost will include the amount you must spend on the panel box, including breakers, the labour cost, inspection, and permit.

You must get the help of a licensed electrician to upgrade the electrical panel. For people planning on budget within 500 – 1000 dollars, you can do it yourself without the help of a professional. It is often recommended to do the upgrading with the assistance of a professional to reduce risk and later repair due to faulty connections.

If you plan to upgrade the electrical panel with the best components, it will cost more, but you will be able to use the service for a longer time. The high-quality 200-amp service will be reliable and safe. You don’t have to worry about the expense of the upgrading process. Mostly a licensed electrician does this work . They have proper knowledge in this field and will protect the place from electric surges. 

Steps to Upgrade to a 200 Amp Service Wire

Benefits of Upgrading the Electrical Service to 200 amp

Apart from the cost, you must also know the benefits you can obtain by upgrading the 200-amp service.

  • Instead of using an old electrical panel, the 200-amp panel will provide more safety.
  • Sometimes you might notice the breaker tripping when using certain appliances or devices if your house has a 100-amp panel. If you upgrade the electrical service to 200-amp, you will not encounter this issue. Hence when using a modern appliance or device, the breaker will not trip unless there is a faulty connection.
  • Suppose you plan to have a pool or a theatre in your house. The first thing that you must check is if the electrical panel will be able to support these devices. The pool will have various components that will work on electricity. So if you have lower ampere electrical service, that will not be sufficient to maintain a pool. When you upgrade the panel to 200-amp, this will allow you to use more devices and appliances.

This upgrade will surely be beneficial as it ensures safety, reliability, and efficiency. You’re mistaken if you expect to do it within a day or two. It may take weeks or a month to find a licensed electrician and get the permit to start the process. Although it will consume some time after the process is complete, you can enjoy using your new appliances without fear.

We hope this article helped you learn about upgrading the electrical panel.

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